Win-test version up



- CAUTION: New network protocol version 1.24 released
   Reminder: If you use WT in a networked environment, you must have
   the same WT version on all machines!
   These network modifications only affect the use of Win-Test in a
   WAN environment, and requires wtTunnel 1.12 (to be released) to
   be effective.
- Workaround: YCCC SO2R Box outputs were not working as expected.
   At this time, AUX1 and AUX3 are assigned to Radio1, and AUX2 and
   AUX4 to Radio2. This will be customizable in the future.
- Added a Extraction Feature in Contest Recorder (right-click in
   the Contest Recorder Window, and chose the "Extract and Save QSO"
- Contest Recorder: the "rotate file" option were disabling the
   AutoStart one. Fixed. Thanks IK2JUB.
- New microHam device "USB micro2R" supported. Tks OM7ZZ.
- Radio Wnd and DX Cluster Wnd (Alt-A) : New leading indicator (#)
   introduced to tag spots coming from a CW Skimmer (aka the spotter
   callsign ends with "-#").
- Bugfix : IC-7600 : Split was broken. Tnx N3MX, I2WIJ.
- CW cut numbers translation : New option in Tools / Data entry to
   disable the automatic translation. Note that this translation is
   performed on a contest and worked station contextual basis. The
   equivalent text commands are CUTON and CUTOFF. Do not use CUT/NOCUT
   that are reserved for CW cut numbers generation ! Tnx N6TV.
- Bugfix : In M/* configuration, and under certain circumstances, the
   mp3 files list associated with a station in the MP3 file information
   dialog could be wrong.
- ARRL DX : CW cut numbers are translated for DXCC stations worked
   from the US/VE side.
- MP3 setup : Only the CBR codecs are now displayed in the setup
   dialogs. The usage of the ABR codecs (most of the LAME ACM ones) is
   too erratic to be trusted in. Tnx N6TV.
- Text commands : MP3SETUP and SCRIPTS commands added. Tnx N6TV.
- Scripts manager dlg : The delete key now acts like clicking on the
   Delete button.
- Bugfix : REF HF : Cut numbers were translated for TK stations (2A).
   Tnx F5CQ.
- Bugfix : Additional CW messages (Alt-C) : When no log is opened, the
   function keys are now disabled.
- EXPERIMENTAL : New "Always On Top" option in the Options / Windows
   menu. Can also be (re)set with text commands. Tnx N6TV.
- Bugfix : Recorder wnd : Under certain circumstances, the buttons
   tooltips were not always displayed.
- Bugfix : HA DX contest : When working contest from the HA side, cut
   numbers where always translated, whereas it had to be so for non-HA
   callsigns only. Tnx HA3LN.
年々若者のアマチュア無線人口が減る中、何時までも現役でやり続けたく、若き日の想い出を胸に、熱き思いを忘れないように「燃えよDX」と言うタイトルを付けました。単身赴任以降、過熱するDXスロットゲームに違和感を覚え、主力だったHFのアンテナも下ろしてしまったこともあり、燃えるような情熱からいろんな楽しみ方が有るんだ。そう思えるようになって、タイトルもむせん見聞録に変更しコツコツマイペースでやってます。 最近は6mの面白さのハマっています。